Data Journalism


The increase in the public and governmental use of the Internet necessitate the need for Data journalism, an umbrella term that, encompasses an ever-growing set of tools, techniques and approaches to storytelling. It can include everything from traditional computer-assisted reporting (using data as a 'source') to the most cutting edge data visualization and news applications. The unifying goal is a journalistic one: providing information and analysis to help inform us all about important issues of the day. It serves two important purposes: A Remedy for Information Asymmetry, and an answer to Data-driven PR. It also helps in providing Independent Interpretations of Official Information and dealing with the data deluge. Learning this course will save time and secure data since Journalists will not waste time transcribing things by hand and messing around trying to get data out of PDFs, so learning a little bit of code, or knowing where to look for people who can help, is incredibly valuable. Get started today and become expert in days.

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